Boeing 747 (G-BYGC) British Airways in BOAC livery (Photo)

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As we announced some time ago, British Airways painted a Boeing 747 in the retro BOAC livery. For those who do not know, BOAC comes from British Overseas Airways Corporation, one of the airlines that were the basis of British Airways.

On February 5, Boeing 747 (G-BYGC) British Airways went to paint in a hangar at Dublin Airport. Received the new BOAC color scheme, which was used during 1964 and 1974.

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On February 18, the Boeing 747 (G-BYGC) British Airways aircraft in BOAC livery arrived at Heathrow International Airport - London.

On February 19, the plane operated the first commercial flight, in the current livery, to New York. The flight code was BA117.

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Until 2023, when the aircraft is withdrawn from commercial service, Boeing 747 G-BYGC will fly on long-haul routes on the British Airways network.

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