Boeing 787-8 Business Jet Inside (Photo)

Boeing 787-8 Business Jet Inside (Photo)

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Boeing presented some pictures with one inside Boeing 787-8 Business Jet. The frames are rendered beautifully, and the 230 m2 have been transformed into a luxury apartment.

In the bedroom was placed a "King size" bed, and the bathroom is tiled with marble. Two rooms are at guests' disposal, being equipped with the latest technologies for entertainment.

Boeing 787-8 Business Jet inside

Boeing Business Jet, 787-8-3

Boeing Business Jet, 787-8-2

Boeing Business Jet, 787-8-1

Boeing Business Jet, 787-8

In addition to the comfort provided by the presented configuration, the Boeing 787-8 Business Jet also comes with all the advantages of a Dreamliner. It will allow customers to travel anywhere in the world, in unmatched comfort.

The price of a Boeing 787-8 Business Jet starts from 300 millions of dollars, of which only the interior costs a third. The first Boeing 787-8 BBJ will be delivered in July and will operate flights for a very wealthy customer from Asia.

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