Boeing 787-9 may take off next week

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After major problems with the 787-8 Dreamliner, Boeing is speeding up the manufacturing process of the new Dreamliner family. After assembly and painting, the first Boeing 787-9 is preparing for the first flight.

787-9 Factory Rollout - August 24, 2013

According to sources quoted by Reuters, Boeing 787-9 could take off next week. For any aircraft model, the first flight is the most important in the manufacturing and development process. Let us hope that the American aircraft manufacturer will not repeat the mistakes made with 787-8, and the new version will pass all the tests.

Authorities also said they are likely to cancel the first 787-9 flight for technical or weather reasons. We are staring at the sky and waiting for new information from Boeing.

Boeing 787-9 will expand the Dreamliner aircraft family. This model is longer with 6 meters compared to 787-8, can carry up to 40 for more passengers and has a range of 555 Km greater than the smaller "brother" 787.

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