Boeing 787 Dreamliner has arrived in Turkey

Boeing 787 Dreamliner has arrived in Turkey

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner (ultra-modern, twin-engine, long-haul, large-capacity, two-color (widebody) passenger aircraft that is in the presentation and testing phase) has arrived in Turkey. Until April 11, the aircraft can be visited by airline officials, suppliers and special guests. It is located at Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

The aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner, christened ZA003, is on a global Dream Tour. The tournament started on 5 December, in China, and is now in the 6 segment. The last destination in Europe will be Madrid. This aircraft was used for testing, but is now upgraded and equipped as a line.

Made from composite materials, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the first medium-sized aircraft capable of flying on long routes - range up to 15700 Km. Due to innovative technologies, the aircraft offers many advantages: fuel economy, space and passenger comfort. , reduced maintenance costs.

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