Boeing delivered the 75 747 Lufthansa

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On 2 May 2014, Boeing delivered the 75 Lufthansa 747 in history. Lufthansa currently operates 22 from Boeing 747 aircraft (19 Boeing 747-400 units and 13 Boeing 747-8i units) to 22 from destinations in 10 countries. Boeing and Lufthansa have a long-term stable partnership. Over the years, Lufthansa has ordered 81 from 747 aircraft.

The first Boeing 747 delivered to Lufthansa was an 747-100, in 1970. Then followed an 747-200 Freighter in 1971. At the same time, Lufthansa was also the launch customer for Boeing 747-8i, in April 2012.

The Boeing 747-8i model has collected orders for 120 aircraft, passenger and freight versions, of which 68 has been delivered.

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