Boeing is developing new passenger connectivity options

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Boeing is moving harder, compared to Airbus, when it comes to telecommunications and wi-fi solutions on board its aircraft. Airbus has certified the ALNAv2 Wi-Fi system for the A320 family. But Boeing has only certified the equipment that will be mounted on all 747-8 and 777 aircraft until the end of 2013.

Passengers will be able to use phones and gadgets during the flight to browse the Internet, talk, email and even entertainment. The systems are also evaluated for the Boeing 737 family of aircraft. Boeing develops communication equipment with Panasonic Global Communication and Thales TopConnect system.

Boeing has announced that wireless service will be available on all of its aircraft until 2014.

Many airline operators have already started mounting communication devices developed and approved by other providers. In the near future, both Boeing and Airbus will equip the aircraft with Wi-Fi and telecommunications systems from the factory.

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