Boeing estimates 4.5 trillion dollars market and 34 000 new aircraft

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Looking at the past few years, it is very clear how the airlines market has grown a lot and is growing year by year. Boeing estimates a market of 4.5 trillions of dollars and 34 000 of new aircraft over the next 20 years.

Civil air traffic is projected to increase annually with 5% and freight traffic with 5.2% over the next two decades. Single-aisle aircraft, models Boeing 737 Next Generation and 737 MAX, will be the most sought after, and estimates say they will be delivered over 23 000 units during the 2012-2031 period.

Neither will the two-color aircraft market be in place. Although their number will be much smaller compared to that of single-aisle aircraft, the value will be approximately equal. Below is an estimate of deliveries by aircraft size:

New aircraft delivered during the period: 2012-2031
Airplane type Total deliveries Estimated value
One lane 23240 2.030 billion
Two colors 7950 2.080 billion
Very large planes 790 280 billion
Regional jets 2020 80 billion

The rapid and rapid growth of China, India and other emerging areas will influence deliveries over the coming 20 years. Low-cost companies will record rapid growth, above the estimated average. There is also a significant demand for more reliable and efficient aircraft. Over 40% of deliveries will mean renewals of existing fleets.

The Asia-Pacific market, including China, leads to the number of aircraft expected for delivery, and below are the statistics by region:

New planes delivered by region: 2012-2031
Region aircraft
Asia-Pacific 12030
Europe 7760
North America 7290
Latin America 2510
Middle East 2370
CSI 1140
Africa 900
Total 34000

The worldwide cargo fleet will double from 1740 units over 3200 to 2031

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