Boeing presents the 6 segment of the Dream Tour of the 787 Dreamliner aircraft

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On 11 April, the aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner, baptized ZA003, arrived in Madrid. This was the last destination of the 5 stage of the Dream Tour.

After Madrid, the aircraft will be preparing for the 6 segment and the last of the Dream Tour. It will start on 21 in April and will include 9 destinations in the UK, Norway, Italy and the US. Below are the dates and cities in the program:

April 11 - London Heathrow Airport
TUESDAY April - Manchester Airport
TUESDAY April - London Gatwick Airport
April 11 - London Heathrow Airport
1 May - Oslo, Norway
4 May - Taranto, Italy
NEVER - Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport - Washington, DC
NEVER - Dallas, Texas
May X - St. Louis, Missouri

Government officials, representatives of airlines, partners, employees, etc. will be invited at each location. They will be able to take a tour of the plane. ZA003 is equipped with everything Boeing has to offer through the 787 Dreamliner program, from economy class to LED lighting.

To date, over 44 500 visitors have been able to admire the aircraft made largely of composite materials. It crossed 5 stages and flew over 150 000 km. Stage 6 will add approximately 12 000 to visitors and over 28 000 Km.

Dates and locations for other destinations will be announced in advance. At many of the stops, the local media can take part in the flight tour and talk to the aircraft pilots and Boeing officials.

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