Boeing launches a "user manual" for Boeing 737 MAX aircraft

Following the tragic accident on October 29 2018, when a Boeing 737 MAX 8 Lion Air crashed into the sea, Boeing decided to release an operational manual. Details below!

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We remind you that on October 29 2018, aircraft Boeing 737 MAX 8 (PK-LQP) Lion Air collapsed shortly after taking off from Jakarta. At the same time, this is the first 737 MAX involved in a plane crash.

The investigation is ongoing, and one track is related to the malfunction of an AOA (Angle of Attack) sensor. Boeing supports investigation into JT610 flight. Provides technical assistance upon request under the guidance of the government authorities involved in the investigation.

According to Lion Air officials, the same Boeing 737 MAX 8 (PK-LQP) Lion Air had similar technical problems on a pre-tragic flight. In that situation, the pilots took control of the plane and managed to fly safely to their destination.

Boeing releases a "user manual"

Whenever necessary, Boeing issues newsletters or makes recommendations on how to operate its aircraft.

Thus, on 6 November, Boeing issued an "Operational Manual" (OMB) for situations when an AOA sensor is not transmitting the data correctly. At such times, the pilots must follow the procedures according to the circumstances. This manual will reach all 737 MAX aircraft operators.

This aircraft model was also ordered by the airlines in Romania. TAROM has ordered 5 737 MAX 8 aircraft, while Blue Air placed an order for 12 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. 6 737 MAX 8 aircraft come straight from Boeing, 6 737 MAX 8 aircraft come from the Air Lease Corporation.

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