Boeing and Southwest Airlines announced the new 737 MAX 7

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On 15 May, at SEATTLE, Boeing and Southwest Airlines have announced the new model DO NOT MAX, the third in the 737 MAX family. Thus, Southwest Airlines becomes the launch operator of the new model and this is because it has converted an order from 30 Next Generation 737 aircraft to 30 MAX 737 aircraft.

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Southwest Airlines, one of the largest low-cost airlines in the US, is looking for solutions to reduce fuel costs. The new aircraft promise very good cost / efficiency reports. The first Boeing 737 MAX 7 could enter the Southwest Airlines fleet somewhere through 2019.

Southwest Airlines currently has 338 aircraft orders (150 737 MAX 8, 30 737 MAX 7, 54 737-800, 104 737-700), but also the ability to order additional 227 aircraft. I should mention that Southwest has a homogeneous fleet of 570 Boeing aircraft.

Boeing 737 MAX 7 It can carry up to 126 passengers in a configuration with 2 classes, offers a range of up to 7000 km and comes equipped with 2 CFM Leap-1B engines, very fuel efficient. Maximum cruise speed is 0.79 Mach / 842 km / h.

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