Boeing suspends production of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. I'm wodering why?

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Boeing has confirmed it will suspend production of 737 MAX aircraft. The media was in a hurry to complain to the giant Boeing and how "one goes down the valley" one of the largest manufacturers of commercial aircraft in the world, but also with ramifications in the military and cosmic area.


In fact, Boeing suspends production of 737 MAX aircraft because it has no place to store them. And their recertification was postponed to 2020. The talk of some people in the industry. If the 737 MAX is to be recertified, we could say it will be the safest aircraft in the world. Boeing and accredited institutions make every effort to make the new aircraft the safest, most comfortable and the most efficient.

Even Boeing said that suspension of production will be able to prioritize delivery of those already stored. And there will be no redundancies.

STOP Boeing 737 MAX

Boeing currently has over 400 aircraft 737 MAX stored through different parking lots. Its foundations have become inadequate. We also add the 737 MAX aircraft delivered, which have also reached places on different platforms of airports around the world.

By stopping the production of 737 MAX aircraft, Boeing will be able to reduce its losses further. It is not yet known exactly how long production of new 737 MAX aircraft will be stopped, but no layoffs will be made at this time. Employees will continue to work on the 737 aircraft line or be assigned to other departments.

Somewhere towards the end of January, Boeing has promised to come back with information! We are waiting!

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