Bomb threat on board an Aeroflot aircraft

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An aircraft belonging to the Russian operator Aeroflot, landed emergency in Iceland at Reikjavik, after receiving an anonymous call announcing a bomb aboard the aircraft. The plane performed New York - Moscow race!

The BBC cites Interfax news agency and notes that an anonymous phone call was announced in the Moscow control tower announcing a terrorist attack. The commander of the aircraft made the decision to land at the airport in Reikjavik, in complete safety and to evacuate the 200 passengers on board. After landing, several pyrotechnic crews searched the plane.

It seems that this is not a singular case. Another Russian plane received the same threat in the southern region of Voronezh. It seems that so far no explosive charge has been found and everything seems like a hoax.

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  1. Master Ra says

    so that no smoke comes out without any fire….

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