Bombardier prepares for first flight of CSeries family (video)

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September 16 Day 2013 will enter the history of the Bombardier Aerospace aircraft manufacturer, the date when a family-owned aircraft CSeries He will fly for the first time. The preparations are on the last hundred meters, the weather being the only factor that depends on this first flight for CSeries (FTV1).


The event is important to the Canadian manufacturer for several reasons. One would be about the credibility of the project. Bombardier has delayed the first flight for CSeries for more than eight months. The first delays were due to problems at the suppliers, then another two during this year. It's already too much, so the weather has to be with them.


The second reason relates to the aircraft development and approval plan. Bombardier wants to bring the plane into commercial service somewhere in Q2 2014, but it will be difficult for him to stick to the plan if the plane does not take off today. A new postponement would mean the delay of some stages in the project development process and automatically a delay in terms of delivery to the air carriers.


To date, the project has cost about $ 3.4 billion, and Bombardier has received orders for 177 aircraft (63 CS100 and 114 CS300). The new generation of Bombardier CSeries aircraft has two models, one is CS100 by 110 seats in a standard configuration, and the second is CS300 by 135 seats in a standard configuration.


CSeries will compete with the new Boeing Next Generation 737-600 and 737-700 aircraft, the Airbus A318 and A319 aircraft and the Embraer E-195. CSeries aircraft will be constructed of composite materials and will be powered by PurePower PW1500G engines from Pratt & Whitney, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). The Canadian manufacturer says that the new CSeries aircraft will consume up to 20% less fuel and will be four times quieter compared to rival models.

We do not know yet when CSeries will fly, but we will keep an eye on the websites:,, The live broadcast starts at 9.30 AM (EDT) - 16.30 Romanian time. The plane would take off from Mirabel airport, north of Montreal.

Until the first flight in history for a CSeries aircraft, it was subjected to ground tests. It reached speeds up to 230 km / h on the ground as part of ground taxi tests.

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