Border Police: international traffic through airports, increasing by over 65% in the first part of the year!

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From the beginning of the year until now, the traffic values ​​recorded at the airport border crossing control points were over 4,1 million people crossing, approximately 2 million in the direction of entry and 2,1 million in the direction of exit. Compared to the same period of 2022, when the passenger traffic values ​​recorded at international airports were 2,4 million, overall there is an increase of 65%.

It was the busiest airport Henri Coandă Otopeni with over 2,6 million passengers for international flights, being followed by Cluj-Napoca Airport with 490.000 passengers, Iasi Airport with 280.000 and Timișoara Airport with approximately 180.000 people, on both transit routes.

Henri Coandă Airport registered an increase of human trafficking, compared to the same period last year, of 58%. The most intense traffic was recorded in February, when the airport was transited by an average of 30.000 passengers in a 24-hour period.

Number of passengers which they used automatic control gates in the reference period it was approximately 216.400, double compared to the same period in 2022.

A significant increase was registered in the case of false or falsified documents, during the analyzed period tripling the number of false notarized declarations discovered by the border police on the way out, during the verification of the travel documents presented by the minors' companions.

When the situation required it and the intensification of the number of air flights and the number of passengers was foreshadowed, at the border crossing points in the airports the measure was taken to supplement the personnel who carry out their activity in the control of travel documents, so that the traffic of travelers was fluent and operative.

At the same time, the border police registered, at the level of all air border crossing points, from the beginning of the year until now, 201 crimes. Most of them concerned the legal regime of the state border (102), followed by forgeries and use of forgery (47).

During the reference period, the border police officers at the airports applied over 350 contraventional sanctions, depending on the act committed, most of them - 300 - targeting sanctions for non-compliance with the residence regime of foreigners in Romania (OG 194/2002).

Border police officers who carry out their activity at airport border crossing points, in addition to checking people's documents, are requested by airline crews to intervene on board aircraft as a result of events that violated the legal provisions stipulated in the Air Code of Romania (Law 21/2020) or to take note of the violation of some norms of social coexistence, public order and tranquility in the airport area (Law 61/1991). In the year 2023 the border police they sanctioned 33 people under the Air Code

In the context of some events when some passengers had disagreements with representatives of the flight companies, we inform you that aspects such as responsibility for ticket sales, informing and rescheduling passengers belong to the representatives of the airline companies who have measures according to the contract and the legislative provisions on the rights of passengers.

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