Has a Boeing 737-800 Aeromexico muzzle been damaged by drone or implosion?

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On 12 December 2018, information about a Boeing 737-800 Aeromexico damaged by the impact of a drone appeared in the press.

The images showed the muzzle of the "wrinkled" plane, with a large hole on the left side of the nose.

Despite rumors on social media, there is no clear evidence of the impact of a drone.

Boeing 737-800 Aeromexico

The ones at aviation-safety.net rely on the idea of ​​an implosion, which appeared due to the fuselage damage in the frontal area. In the past, the aircraft may have been involved in a bird strike incident, and the nose may have been weakened by the impact.

In the history of aviation there have been cases of frontal damage without the plane being involved in a collision. Here we mention the case of the Boeing 737 LAM, Mozambique, 2017.

Boeing 737-800-Aeroméxico-nose-damaged

An investigation is ongoing, and the final verdict will be provided to the specialists based on the evidence gathered.

The Boeing 737-800 Aeromexico aircraft, indicative of the damaged XA-ADV, operates the AM770 internet flight between Guadalajara and Tijuana.

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