Has a Boeing 737-800 Aeromexico muzzle been damaged by drone or implosion?

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On December 12, 2018, information appeared in the press about a Boeing 737-800 Aeromexico damaged by the impact with a drone.

The images showed the muzzle of the "wrinkled" plane, with a large hole on the left side of the nose.

Despite rumors on social media, there is no clear evidence of the impact of a drone.

Boeing 737-800 Aeromexico

Aviation-safety.net relies on the idea of ​​an implosion, which occurred due to damage to the fuselage in the front area. In the past, the aircraft may have been involved in a bird strike incident and its nose may have been weakened as a result of the impact.

In the history of aviation there have been cases of frontal damage without the plane being involved in a collision. Here we mention the case of the Boeing 737 LAM, Mozambique, 2017.

Boeing 737-800-Aeroméxico-nose-damaged

An investigation is ongoing, and the final verdict will be provided to the specialists based on the evidence gathered.

The Boeing 737-800 Aeromexico plane, indicative of XA-ADV, the damaged one, operated the AM770 internet flight, between Guadalajara and Tijuana.

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