Brief history of the Lufthansa group in Romania

On August 25, Lufthansa celebrated 50 years of flights from / to Romania. On August 25 1967, the first Lufthansa aircraft, a Boeing 727 named "Würzburg", received approval to land in Bucharest.

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50 years ago, specifically on 25 August 1967, the first Lufthansa plane received a cleared for landing in Bucharest. The first flight to Romania was on the route Frankfurt - Bucharest, via Munich.


Since then, the Lufthansa Group has continued to develop its operations in Romania, operating more flights and announcing new routes.

A brief history of the Lufthansa group in Romania

  • 30 January 1958: the first airline agreement between Lufthansa and Tarom
  • 1961: conclusion of the general sales agreement between Lufthansa and Tarom
  • 10 August 1961: Tarom started flying from Bucharest to Frankfurt via Vienna with an Ilyushin Il-14 aircraft;
  • 10 June 1967: The Lufthansa crew moved into an apartment of 2 rooms in the "Lido" hotel, then being transferred to the "Ambassador" hotel
  • 15 August 1967: The Lufthansa crew moved into an apartment of 2 rooms in the hotel "Athénée Palace", Palace Square no. 1, Bucharest
  • August 25, 1967: The first flight took place to Bucharest, from Frankfurt via Munich and Zagreb, with a Boeing 727 D-ABIX, called "Würzburg". The 2.000.000th passenger who flew from Frankfurt airport was on board this first flight to Bucharest.
  • 25 August 1967: signing a collaboration agreement with Tarom (Romanian Air Transport)
  • 30 April 1970: Baneasa Airport in Bucharest has been transformed into an airport for domestic flights, so Lufthansa begins to fly from and to Otopeni.
  • 1971: Lufthansa opens a sales office on Magheru Boulevard, at number 18.
  • 1979: Lufthansa Technik begins collaboration with Tarom
  • 1991: Summer program, Lufthansa flies to Bucharest from Munich
  • 1 November 1992: Lufthansa Tarom Airport Services (Lutas) handles services for all airlines at Otopeni airport
  • 2 May 2005: Bucharest is connected to Dusseldorf by a direct flight operated by Lufthansa CityLine
  • 1 June 2005: Lufthansa CityLine has started flying from Munich to Timisoara.
  • 2013: winter program - Germanwings began operating flights from Berlin to Bucharest
  • 3 September 2007: Lufthansa begins flights from Munich to Sibiu
  • 31 March 2008: New flights from Munich to Cluj-Napoca
  • 2 March 2009: Lufthansa Italy starts to fly from Bucharest to Milan
  • October 28, 2017: Lufthansa will launch 2 new routes: Timisoara - Frankfurt and Cluj - Frankfurt.

A rich and beautiful history. Currently, Lufthansa offers flights from Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara and Sibiu.

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