fbpx British Airways has reported a cyber attack on ba.com

British Airways has reported a cyber attack on ba.com

British Airways reported a cyberattack on ba.com, and over 380 000 customers were affected. The British airline said the personal and financial data of its customers were compromised.

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These days, British Airways has opened an investigation into the cyber attack on ba.com. The personal and financial data of the more than 380 customers, who were registered between August 000 and September 21, were compromised - according to air-journal.fr.

Hundreds of thousands of customers affected by the cyberattack on ba.com

The British air carrier mentions that it is theft of card data, not the data on identity documents, passports and air tickets. British Airways has alerted authorities to find the culprits. The security breach has been resolved, and BA has announced that the site is functioning normally.

Those affected by this problem should contact banks or card issuers and follow the recommended advice. British Airways chief executive Alex Cruz said those affected customers will receive compensation from the British airline.

British Airways is not the first offender. In May 2017, a problem with the power supply in the London-Heathrow area led to the computer system crashing. Over 75 000 passengers were affected.

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