VeriFly - the travel health app - tested by British Airways and American Airlines

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British Airways announces that it will start testing a new mobile travel health application. This is VeriFly, an application for passengers who want to travel between London and the US, starting with February 4. The new digital travel passport will verify that passengers meet the conditions required for the flight.

The lawsuit follows a recent announcement by American Airlines, the company's partner British Airways, which allows all passengers to use VeriFLY when traveling from the US to all international destinations.

American Airlines became the first airline to use VeriFLY since November for several selected routes. We are talking here about flights from Jamaica, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala to Miami. Thus, thousands of passengers traveled using the application, many providing positive feedback to the airline on how easy it is to use.

British Airways is the first airline in the UK to try to use a mobile health passport.

British Airways is the first airline in the UK to try to use a mobile health passport for passengers traveling from London. It will also be the only airline outside the US that will offer its customers the opportunity to test VeriFLY.

The VeriFLY application was made by the private software company, Daon, which also works with some of the most important banking and card companies in the world. The software will allow passengers to store all travel documents, as well as Covid-19 test results in one place.

In this way, the airline can verify compliance with the requirements imposed by the authorities before boarding. Customers, who will receive travel approval, will be directed through the airport to the specially designated check-in offices.

VeriFLY is compatible with iOS and Android

VeriFLY can be easily downloaded to your mobile device from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). After creating a profile, the platform asks customers to confirm the flight information, to load the negative result of the Covid-19 test and any other essential and necessary documentation.

The software confirms that the test complies with the regulations in the destination country with a simple "Pass" or "Fail" message. VeriFLY will also provide users with reminders after the accreditation has expired.

Testing of the application will begin on February 4.

British Airways will start testing the application on February 4, 2021 for customers traveling from London to US destinations. Subsequently, the application will be updated to ensure compliance with the latest UK government requirements. Passengers will also need to complete a statement as to the reason for the trip.

The second phase, which will follow in the near future, will include British Airways and American Airlines passengers traveling to the United Kingdom from the United States. This will make the transatlantic partnership between British Airways and American Airlines the first program to provide a digital solution for passengers flying between the US and the UK.

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