British Airways has canceled 100 flights to keep quiet during the royal funeral

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British Airways (BA) and London Heathrow Airport (LHR) have arranged their flights and operating schedule to ensure a moment of silence for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on 19 September 2022.

British Airways has canceled 100 flights from Heathrow, London on 19 September 2022 and will reschedule others to reduce noise during the royal funeral.

"As a mark of respect for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, during her Royal Funeral we have reduced our schedule and rescheduled some flights at Heathrow to ensure the skies are clear at certain times on Monday 19 September", the British Airways account posted on Twitter.

British Airways will also live stream the Queen's funeral on flights with Wi-Fi connectivity. Fees for WiFi service and live streaming will be removed. A two-minute moment of silence will also be in the air, where cabin services will also be suspended. 

London Heathrow International Airport will have a two-minute regulation time at the end of the service. The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will be broadcast live on the airport screens. Non-essential shops at the airport will be closed.

In addition, there was no flight for 30 minutes between 11:40 and 12:10 local time. There will also be no arrivals for 35 minutes from 13pm during the Queen's hearse procession.

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