British Airways is making the latest preparations for the Olympic Games

British Airways is making the latest preparations for the Olympic Games

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British Airways is the largest airline in the United Kingdom and is preparing the most important sporting event of the year - The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London. I should mention that British Airways is an official partner at the Olympics, so it must fulfill one of the most important missions, to transport millions of tourists.

These days also launched an interesting campaign with the theme "Race", the last action before the long awaited event. Below you have one of the most interesting advertising spots seen lately.

The campaign started on Facebook (click for more information) and G +, but will be broadcast on TV and will feature outdoor and print components. This year's British Airways slogan - “Twenty twelve. We're ready. To Fly. To Serve. "- matches the competition with the great competition.

As for British Airways, 2012 is a very important year. As a result, British Airways flight crews are expected to serve an amount of tea equivalent to the volume of three Olympic pools. British Airways will "welcome" on board its aircraft a sufficient number of passengers to fill over 500 times a stadium with a capacity of 60 000 seats, approximately 30 million passengers.

And to make it even nicer, British Airways is repainting a few aircraft with a pimp design in the colors of the Olympics. Looks like we'll see the new livery only in April.

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