British Airways launches the 'Lifetime Recognition' award for Gold Executive Club Members

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As a sign of recognition and appreciation of his most loyal guests, British Airways launches the prize 'Lifetime Recognition'for the Gold Members of its loyalty program, Executive Club.


Due to this program, BA guests who accumulate at least 35.000 loyalty points during the time they are Gold members will be able to keep this status alive.

The loyalty points offered for life are calculated by summing all the loyalty points ever accumulated by a client during the period in which he is a member of Executive Club. Customers can monitor the number of points accumulated by accessing

In this way, British Airways guests can continue to enjoy all the benefits of being a Gold Member for life, no matter how much time they fly. These benefits include:

• Double Avios points accumulated for each flight with British Airways
• The opportunity to reserve the best seats provided by the airline
• Extra seats offered as a reward for Gold Members only
• Priority to First cabin check-in for all British Airways and oneworld® flights
• The luxury of enjoying British Airways VIP lounges with a guest
• The considerable increase in the number of kilograms accepted for the additional luggage delivered to the hold, for all cabins
• Special privileges made available by some of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

British Airways will automatically renew Gold Executive Card for all its eligible guests, every year.

You can reach the level Gold Executive Club after you have accumulated 1.500 Loyalty Points and you have traveled with four eligible flights (launched on the market and operated by either British Airways or Iberia). There are four levels within Executive Club (in ascending order): Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold. For example, a round trip to New York with an Economy cab means 140 Loyalty Points; with World Traveler Plus cabin - 180 Loyalty Points; with Club cabin - 280 Loyalty Points / Points; and with the First cabin - 420 Loyalty Points. A trip to Sydney means 120 Loyalty Points accumulated for the trip in the Economy cabin; 300 Loyalty Points for the World Traveler Plus cabin; 480 Loyalty Points for the Club; and 720 Loyalty Points for First cab.

That being said, I wish you smooth flights! Clear sky!

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