Cultural Brunch - India and Bucharest - New Delhi at 667 EUR

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In addition to my passion for flying, I also develop a hobby for cooking. I like to "play" in the kitchen, to test recipes, to juggle spices and flavors. I also like to discover traditional dishes from different countries and cities, depending on the places visited. And when I don't get to certain countries, I bring culinary traditions to my kitchen or attend different specific events.


ART HUB launched the project "Cultural Brunch"

On 31 March 2013, ART HUB launched the project "Cultural Brunch". Every Sunday, from the 13.00 hour, you are expected at ART HUB with a proud portion of international culture. A cultural open bar from which you can embody yourself and figuratively. The events are dedicated to the (culinary) art enthusiasts as well as those who like to travel or simply eat. Reservations can be made at the email address [Email protected] Participation in each brunch implies paying a fee of 35 RON and include the open bar and access to the day's lecture.


The Sunday edition brought a country full of contrasts, India. It was a first for me to try Indian cuisine and I wonder why I didn't do it more. I was pleasantly impressed by the diversity of spices, the delicious mix of flavors and flavors.


I tasted chicken, salad, chickpeas, sausages and new slightly spicy potatoes. I liked the Indian Sausage Masala Sausage the most. I found out that they were marinated in all kinds of spices and then baked until all the fat came out of them. Remaining fleshy and slightly itchy. The lamb chops - Tikka Meatrolls were just as good. During the whole event, I served Indian tea, and at the end we had a delicious dessert - Kulfi ice cream. All the preparations were very good. One meal I did not taste - the lentil meal.

Cultural Brunch Menu - India:

- Tamatar Murghi (Indian curry tomato chicken)
- Chicken Curry in Coconut Milk
- Bombay Potatoes
- Sambar (Curry Lentils)
- Gobi Masala (Caulilflower Curry masala)
- Tikka Meatrolls (they are lamb chops)
- Saffron Curry Chicken - chicken sausages with saffron
- Indian Masala Sausage - sausages marinated and baked
- Kulfi - ice cream
- Indian tea

Laura deserves all the words of praise for those prepared above.

Everything was seasoned with an interesting story about Indian culture, works of art, social contrasts. Anish Kapoor, a great Indian sculptor of British origin, was discussed.

The even more beautiful part of the event was that I met with a few travel bloggers and I was able to discuss the dishes, culinary passions, recipes and destinations: Georgiana from, Monica from the, Carmina of the and Maxim from This is how I learned that saffron is yellow and very expensive.

If you want to get to India, I recommend destinations like Shimla, New Delhi, Mumbai, Agra. From Bucharest you can reach New Delhi with Lufthansa, KLM, Qatar Airways, Austrian Airlines, Air France, Turkish Airlines etc. There are many flights, but with stops on the connecting hubs.

In a simple search, I found the ticket Bucharest - New Delhi at 667 EUR with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul. Period selected 1 September 2013 - 9 September 2013.

On this occasion I announce that Airlines Travel entered into a partnership with ART HUB for events Cultural Brunch. We will present weekly what culinary traditions we will try. On April 7 we fly through Thai cuisine. We are waiting for a tasting and a story.

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