Brussels Airlines celebrates 15 years of flights (Photo / Video)

On 15 February 2002, Brussels Airlines operates the first flight in the company's history!

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On 15 February 2017, Brussels Airlines opened the champagne for 15 the anniversary. The starting point is 15 February 2002, when SN Brussels Airlines operate the first commercial flight. The company was created by 40 by united shareholders in SN Airholding.

SN Brussels Airlines on 2002

But the company's history is slightly tangled. In 2001, SABENA went bankrupt and SN Airholding took over DAT (a subsidiary of SABENA) and changed its name to SN Brussels Airlines. Under the guidance of Peter Davies, a strategic reorganization of the company began. In November 2006, after the merger with Virgin Express, the company received its name Brussels Airlines.

15 years of Brussels Airlines

On 15 February 2002, the new company operates the first flight in its history. We are talking about SN2711, a flight to Geneva, which took off from Brussels at 06: 15. It was operated with an Avro Jet BAe 146 (OO-DJS) aircraft.

At that time, the company had 1400 employees, all of whom were motivated to make SN Brussels Airlines a successful airline.


At 15 February 2017, after 15 years of uninterrupted activity, Brussels Airlines reached an operational network consisting of 73 of European destinations and 21 of intercontinental destinations. The fleet increased to 45 for short / medium flights and to 10 for long-haul flights. And the number of employees reached 3500. At the same time, through its services, Brussels Airlines indirectly supports 11 000 jobs.

During the 15 years, 78.8 millions of passengers enjoyed the services of Brussels Airlines. 61 million chose European flights, while 8.1 million passengers flew to / from Africa, and 1 million passengers crossed the Atlantic. During this time, over 320 000 tons of freight were also transported.

15 years in aviation means a lot. Travel technology, services and conditions have evolved significantly. So is the price of the plane ticket. In 2002, a plane ticket Brussels Airlines it started at 160 EURO, and at present the tariff has dropped to 69 EURO.

Happy Birthday!

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