Brussels Airlines presented the Airbus A320 Aerosmurf

On 24 March 2018, Brussels Airlines unveiled Airbus A320 Aerosmurf. This is the Airbus A320 (OO-SND) aircraft, which is painted in "The Smurfs" livery.

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On 24 March 2018, Brussels Airlines unveiled Aerosmurf, the new livery painted in "The Smurfs". The color scheme was made to a great extent by Marta Mascellani and chosen following a contest.

Airbus a320-brussels-airline-aerosmurf

The new livery was also chosen on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the appearance of the entire cartoon characters - The Smurfs! And the Belgians chose them to be Belgian ambassadors on Brussels Airlines flights.


Airbus A320 Aerosmurf

Thus, Aerosmurf joins the other 4 custom aircraft from the Belgian low-cost carrier fleet: Rackham (Tintin), Magritte, Trident (Red Devils) and Amare (Tomorrowland).

The name "Aerosmurf" comes from one of the episodes with the blue characters, in which a small rumble dreamed to fly. He tried several ideas, but failed until he got on a plane. Since then, the little smurf is known as Aerosmurf.


The final design of the new Aerosmurf was made by the designers of the Peyo studio, following the scheme proposed by Marta. This resulted in 19 crashing into a plane, passengers and crew. In the cockpit are Ștrumfița (captain) and Pope Ștrumf (co-pilot).


On the left, Harmony Smurf plays the Belgian national anthem on saxophone. On the trolley of the cabin crew we find a miniature Atomium.

On the right side of the plane, the strafing companions serve Belgian potatoes and waffles to passengers. Aerosmurf also has two secret passengers, Gargamel and Azrael. They are trying to escape through a hatch. It is an exercise for fans of airplanes, because these characters are only visible during take-off and landing.


The color scheme was manually applied under the close supervision of specialist André Eisele. 14 artists worked 14 days to paint the plane 11 meters high and 37,56 meters long. They used 28 colors, 420 liters of paint, 24 000 meters of masking tape and a masking paper of 4.500 m². Aerosmurf will be part of the Brussels Airlines fleet up to 2023.

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