Brussels - Mumbai with Brussels Airlines, since March 2017

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Starting with March 2017, Brussels Airlines will start operating the flights on the route Brussels - Mumbai. The route will be honored with 5 weekly flights. It will fly to Chhatrapati Shivaji, the most modern airport in Mumbai.


Brussels - Mumbai with Brussels Airlines

Located on the West Coast, the metropolis Mumbai is the capital of the state of Maharashtra. With 20 millions of inhabitants, it is ranked in the top 10 the largest metropolis in the world. The city, which bears the name of Bombay until 1995, is home to India's largest financial institutions. It is the maritime hub of the country, the bastion of the famous Bollywood and the heart of many other economic sectors (diamonds, pharmaceuticals, IT).

Lars Redeligx, Brussels Airlines Chief Commercial Officer, said Mumbai is the 3 intercontinental destination operated from Belgium, with over 50 000 passengers annually.

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