Bucharest Air Show 2013 - 27 and 28 July 2013

Bucharest Air Show 2013 - 27 and 28 July 2013

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Bucharest National Airports Company will continue this year a tradition accepted and expected by the world of aviation and the public passionate about this field by organizing the Bucharest International Air Show & General Aviation Exhibition 2013. The event will take place on the Băneasa-Aurel Vlaicu International Airport in Bucharest, being scheduled for the days of 27 and 28 July 2013.


This year's edition is dedicated to the celebration of the centenary of the Military Aeronautics and the 90 years since the establishment of the Romanian Air Club. The organizers estimate a passionate audience participation at least as large as in the year 2012 (over 100.000 of spectators accumulated in the two days dedicated to the event).

BIAS 2013 program

The BIAS 2013 air show will take place as follows:
first show: Saturday, July 27 - beginning at 9: 00

- Report of the commander of the 30 Guard Regiment, greeting of the battle flag, reviewing the formation,
- Parade of the national flags of the countries participating in the BIAS 2013 air show,
- Drill Team - weapon handling demonstration supported by the 30 Guard Regiment "Mihai Viteazul",
- The ground running of the Vlaicu II flight apparatus (natural size replica), as a tribute to the Romanian aviation pioneer - Aurel Vlaicu, from whose passing the 100 years have passed.
- Takeoff of the first aircraft that opens the BIAS 2013 air show.

second show: Saturday, 27 July - "Flight in the twilight" show - 19 time: 00
third show: Sunday, 28 July - beginning at 9: 00

BIAS 2013 participants

Among the participants confirmed so far are:
• The hawks of Romania (5 Extra) (The Airfield Club of Romania)
• Acrobatic chess players
• Glider Acrobatics (Romanian Air Club)
• Launching paratroopers / national lot (Romanian Air Club)
• Jurgis Kairys
• 2 Training IAK 52 (SMFA)
• Transport aircraft belonging to the Romanian Air Force: AN-26, AN-30, C-130 B Hercules, C 27J Spartan

In 2012, Airlines Travel was a media partner and kept you up to date with what happened at BIAS 2012. Let's hope that in 2013 we will be present at the airport for BIAS 2013.

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