Bucharest - Berlin twice daily with airberlin, from 30 March to 2015

Bucharest - Berlin twice daily with airberlin, from 30 to March 2015

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From 30 to March 2015, with the transition to the summer program, airberlin will double the number of flights on the route Bucharest - Berlin. Airberlin will operate 2 daily flights, while also providing great connections to 13 new destinations.

The operational program is very good. There will be night flights departing from Berlin and early morning flights departing from Bucharest. This facilitates new connections in the airberlin network, as well as greater flexibility for tourists and business people. By airberlin, through the Berlin airport, you can also fly to Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga, Alicante, Tenerife South, Ibiza and Fuerteventura, Olbia, Venice, Kaliningrad, Gdansk and Sylt.

Operational program on the Bucharest - Berlin route with airberlin:

AB8270: TXL 09: 20 - 12: 25 OTP EQV D
AB8272: TXL 21: 35 - 00: 40 + 1 OTP 319 D

AB8273: OTP 06: 30 - 07: 35 TXL 319 D
AB8271: OTP 13: 10 - 14: 15 TXL EQV D

The new flight will provide great connections to Chicago as well as to other destinations in North America, the Middle East, Australia and Asia through Abu Dhabi partner airport.

I have also done some tariff simulations for Bucharest - Berlin, and the prices start from 108.5 EUR. You can opt for a city break at the weekend, departing on Friday morning and returning on Sunday night. Thus you have 3 days full of walking through the capital of Germany.


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