Bucharest - Dubai with Wizz Air, from 29 October to 2013

Bucharest - Dubai with Wizz Air, from 29 October to 2013

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Wizz Air, one of the largest low-cost airlines operating in Romania, has announced it will open the route to Dubai. The announcement surprised us from several points of view. I knew that this airline was focusing on new routes, without competition and especially in Europe, with flights from east to west. This time, Wizz Air wants to fly east, to a sensitive destination because of competition and visas.

I think we all heard about Dubai. It is the capital of luxury, one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the area where we meet among the largest buildings in the world, among the strangest and most luxurious hotels, etc.

Two airlines are already flying from Bucharest to Dubai: TAROM, the national company of Romania, and flyDubai, the low-cost subsidiary Emirates. TAROM has adapted its flight schedule to be more competitive on the route and prefers to operate the routes on the day. The load rating is good, but not very good.

Wizz Air would be the 3 operator that will connect the capital of Romania with Dubai. The route was announced today, but negotiations are still underway regarding the approval of the route. Mike Powell, Chief Financial Officer at Wizz Air, said this agreement would not be a problem and that everything is going according to plan.

Wizz Air will be the first European low fare airline operating in Dubai and the first customer of Al Maktoum International Airport "Dubai World Central". Dubai World Central's passenger terminal will be inaugurated in October and is expected to become the city's main airport by the middle of 2020, when, with the 5 runways and 160 millions of passengers annually becoming the largest airport infrastructure in the world. . Flights to Dubai are already available for sale and can be booked with prices starting from 319 RON.

The Bucharest - Dubai route with Wizz Air will be operated with a frequency of 3 weekly flights: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. The flights will be honored with Airbus A320 aircraft. It will take off at 14: 30 from Bucharest and arrive in Dubai at 21: 20. The return will leave Dubai at 21: 55 and land at Otopeni Airport at 1: 05, the next day.


It's hard to find prices from 319 lei / segment.

I want to point out that Al Maktoum International Airport "Dubai World Central" is the new airport of Dubai, and the passenger terminal will be opened in October. Caesar he knows better how to use the means of transport. To travel to Dubai, Romanians need visas, and Wizz Air still has no answer to this problem. Wizz Air has announced the simultaneous launch of flights to Dubai and Budapest, Sofia and Kiev.

  1. Sorin Rusi says

    Yeah, pretty weird. But I think he is starting to target luxury destinations, vacation destinations where he could make more money. But in Dubai there are some problems still uncertain ... Let's see what will be in the fall.

    1. Master RA says

      As we all know, Dubai is not the Bulgarian coast. In Dubai, another category of tourists go, and not exactly the price of air tickets (which was not very high anyway), was the greatest concern of these tourists! I do not know if you have seen, how the Romanians return from Dubai - generally with a lot of luggage. I am very sure that if, on this route from Dubai, I apply the same baggage policy, it will not be very successful. You cannot go to Dubai, to stay 1 weekly, only with the berth of the cabin bag, and especially you do not come back from Dubai with the same bag marta.

  2. Master RA says

    Weird choice of Wizz!

  3. Sorin Rusi says

    They go on the idea that lower prices by plane make Dubai more accessible to Romanians, but there are also many who only go for 2-3 days, in the interest of business.

    Possible to be successful. It can also be a profitable route because you will buy luggage at the bunk or larger luggage. 10 EUR extra for someone going to Dubai is not much.

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