Bucharest - Dubai at 99 EUR with TAROM

Bucharest - Dubai at 99 EUR with TAROM (video)

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At 1 October 2013, TAROM introduced a super offer, tickets from 99 EUR on routes: Athens, Amman, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Belgrade, Beirut, Brussels, Budapest, Bologna (from Iasi), Dubai, Dublin, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Larnaca, London (from Bucharest or Iasi), Madrid, Munich (from Bucharest or Sibiu), Nice, Paris, Prague (from Bucharest or Cluj), Rome (from Bucharest or Iasi), Thessaloniki, Sofia, Tel Aviv, Turin (from Iasi), Vienna (from Bucharest).

A documentary about Dubai!

Dubai seems to have been one of the most sought after destinations, with most of the promo tickets already being sold. After a few minutes of searching, I managed to find the price of 99 EUR for Bucharest - Dubai - Bucharest, all taxes included, between 14 January - 22 January.

Bucharest - Dubai - Bucharest

(simulation done on the site TAROM)

You should take advantage of the offer. When there are severe colds in you, Dubai could average 24 degrees, sunshine, maybe some rain. If you find more for other periods, we look forward to comments.

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