fbpx Bucharest - Dublin with Ryanair from April 2014

Bucharest - Dublin with Ryanair since April 2014

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During this day, Ryanair (one of the largest low-cost operators in Europe) announced that it would open new routes departing from Dublin, as well as increasing frequencies on existing routes. Since April 2014, Ryanair has announced that it will begin operating flights to: Almeria, Bari, Basel, Bucharest, Chania, Comiso, Lisbon, Marrakech and Prague.

Thus, the Irish low-cost carrier will be able to transport up to 700 000 more passengers annually and will generate 700 jobs at Dublin Airport.

Ryanair will increase activity in Dublin from April 2014:
- 9 new routes: Almeria, Bari, Basel, Bucharest, Chania, Comiso, Lisbon, Marrakech and Prague;
- a total of 85 routes operated from Dublin;
- several improved flights and programs from airports in: Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow (PIK), London (STN), Madrid, Manchester and Nice;
- over 700 new passengers (000 million in total);
- over 1 million new passengers who will indirectly generate over 1000 jobs at airports in Ireland.

Ryanair has announced that it will also generate 300 direct jobs in Ireland - pilots, flight attendants, software developers, application and site programmers, etc.

Returning to the new routes and the number of flights, especially for Romania, Ryanair announced that it will operate 8 flights a week on the Dublin - Bucharest route.

Operational program and fares for the route Dublin - Bucharest with Ryanair!

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