Bucharest - Lisbon with Blue Air, from June 2016

Bucharest - Lisbon flight schedule with Blue Air, from June 2016

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Update 20.01.2016 | 18: 30: Blue Air loaded the Bucharest - Lisbon route, and again rates start from 149 lei / segment. 3 weekly flights will be operated on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays after the following schedule:

0B157 Bucharest 07: 15 - 09: 55 Lisbon on Tuesday
0B157 Bucharest 19: 30 - 22: 10 Lisbon Thursday, Saturday

0B158 Lisbon 11: 00 - 17: 10 Bucharest Tuesday
0B158 Bucharest 23: 00 - 05: 10 Lisbon Thursday, Saturday

The route will be inaugurated on 2 June 2016. The times presented above are local.

We have the most dynamic start of the year in commercial aviation in Romania, compared to the 4 years of existence AirlinesTravel.ro. After the many promotions on air tickets announced by different air carriers, the avalanche of new routes arrived, some more attractive than others.

Blue Air

After I told you yesterday that TAP Portugal gives up the Bucharest - Lisbon route, more and more voices were announcing Wizz Air as a favorite operator, but it wasn't. Blue Air reacted immediately and today came the big news: Bucharest - Lisbon starting with June 2016. We still do not have details about timetables and fares, but we will follow the Blue Air website and come back with the information.

Blue Air also operated this route, but gave up on 2013, making room for TAP Portugal operator and allowing them to charge fares over 200 EURO for return flights. Hopefully, the Blue Air fares will be lower, even if we talk about a route over 4 hours and without competition.

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