fbpx Bucharest - Lisbon with TAP Portugal, from 2 July 2017

Bucharest - Lisbon with TAP Portugal, from July 2, 2017

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Update 06.12.2016: Bucharest - Lisbon flight schedule

TP1324 Lisbon 00: 15-06: 15 Bucharest / Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
TP1322 Lisbon 10: 45-16: 45 Bucharest / Friday

TP1325 Bucharest 07: 00-09: 35 Lisbon / Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
TP1323 Bucharest 17: 30-20: 05 Lisbon / Friday

Prices start at 116 EURO for round trip flights. The flight duration will be approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes. The date of the first direct flight will be July 2 2017.

bucuresti-lisabona-tap-portugal-2-iulieSome time ago, our sources announced that we are working hard on the operator's recovery TAP Portugal in Bucharest. Tomorrow, 6 December, the route will be officially announced Bucharest - Lisbon starting in July 2017. We expected it to be a spring time, but it's fine. The flights will be operated by aircraft of the type Airbus A319.

Bucharest - Lisbon with TAP Portugal

We remind you that TAP has dropped this route since March 27 2016, AirlinesTravel.ro being among the first publications to report this. Immediately, Wizz Air and Blue Air announced the operation of low-cost flights between Bucharest and Lisbon.

At the time, I did not understand why TAP Portugal gave up the route, given that it went very well. Airbus A319 aircraft load rating was above 80%. And now we wonder why it decided to resume flights only in July 2017, in the context in which 2 low-cost carriers take full advantage of and operate 180-230 passenger flights.

Portugal is a beautiful country, and Lisbon is a wonderful city, which should be on everyone's list. Hopefully, TAP Portugal will come with much more affordable prices. Another advantage of the Portuguese carrier is the flights to North and South America, being an opportunity to travel to destinations such as Punta Cana, Fortaleza, Belem, Brasilia, Recife and many more.

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