Bucharest - Oradea and Bucharest - Suceava with TAROM, from November 12, 2015

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At the beginning of October, AirlinesTravel.ro published information about opening of the Bucharest - Suceava route. Initially, all information was related to the date of 1 March 2016. Only the local authorities in Suceava did not agree and put pressure on TAROM to review the attitude towards this route.

November 12, 2015 - Suceava AirportI thank Master Mircea Dragan, the director of the BD film at the Mountain and the Sea, filmed in 1971, for allowing us to use sequences from this film to promote the regular flights from Stefan cel Mare Suceava International Airport.

Posted by Nechifor Catalin Ioan on Friday, October 30, 2015

This is how the Bucharest - Suceava route will be opened on November 12. For starters, two flights a week will be operated on Mondays and Thursdays, according to the following schedule:

TAROM RO803: Bucharest (OTP) 12: 20-13: 30 Suceava
TAROM RO804: Suceava 13: 55-15: 10 Bucharest (OTP)

This is the flight schedule valid from November 12 to February 29, 2016. Probably from March 1, 2016, TAROM will operate the flights according to of the schedule originally announced by us. Rates start from 115 EURO (round trip), according to our simulations.

Also from November 12, TAROM resumes the flights on the route Bucharest - Oradea. There will be 10 flights per week, according to the following schedule:

TAROM RO621: Bucharest (OTP) 08: 00-09: 25 Oradea / Monday, Wednesday
TAROM RO627: Bucharest (OTP) 17: 00-18: 25 Oradea / Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
TAROM RO629: Bucharest (OTP) 21: 15-22: 40 Oradea / Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday

TAROM RO630: Oradea 05: 55-07: 15 Bucharest (OTP) / Monday, Thursday, Friday
TAROM RO622: Oradea 09: 50-11: 10 Bucharest (OTP) / Monday, Wednesday
TAROM RO627: Oradea 18: 50-20: 10 Bucharest (OTP) / Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

The flights will be operated with ATR 42-500 aircraft. The price of a ticket will start from 145 EURO (round trip), according to our simulations.

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