Bucharest - Sao Paulo from 469 € (round trip) with KLM

Bucharest - Sao Paulo from 469 € (round trip) with KLM

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The day and the offer. After I announced your offers Bucharest - St. Maarten, Bucharest - New Delhi and Bucharest - Bogota, today we present an offer for Brazil. Bucharest - Sao Paulo with prices from 469 €. The flights are round trip, operated by KLM, with a stopover in Amsterdam.

According to the KLM search engine, the offer is valid for November 2019, February 2020 and March 2020. We simulated for November, finding this tariff.

Bucharest - Sao Paulo with KLM

In our case, the flights Bucharest - Amsterdam - Bucharest are operated by KLM / TAROM. Boeing 737-800 / Airbus A318 aircraft are used.

sao paulo-Bucharest-KLM offer

On the Amsterdam - Sao Paulo - Amsterdam segments, KLM flies with Boeing 777-200ER / 300ER aircraft. In the shower, the scale is 1: 55 hours. On return, the scale is 8: 20 hours. You have time to relax at the Schiphol International Airport, Amsterdam. You can go to the green terminal or the esplanade to watch the planes.

For Brazil lovers, now is the time to plan your vacation. Start in Sao Paulo and then continue in Rio de Janeiro or anywhere else in South America.

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