Bucharest - Seville with Wizz Air, from 21 July to 2020 (flight schedule)

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Today, December 4 2019, Wizz Air announced plans on 2020 for the Bucharest base. It will allocate an A321neo aircraft and open direct flights to Prague and Seville. see Bucharest - Prague flight schedule with Wizz Air!

Seville is the capital of the autonomous region of Andalusia and the province of Sevilla in Spain. It is a long awaited route for Romanian tourists, being a very special and spectacular holiday destination.

The Bucharest - Seville route will be inaugurated on 21 July 2020. 2 flights will be operated weekly on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The flight schedule is one in the evening, quite good for tourists.

Bucharest - Sevilla with Wizz Air

W6 3195 Bucharest 16: 35-20: 05 Sevilla
W6 3196 Sevilla 20: 50-01: 55 Bucharest

The prices start from 159 lei / segment, price including only a small hand luggage. But it is a very good starting price for Spain. If you are looking for new city break destinations, Sevilla is perfect.

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