Bucharest - Tulcea with Fly Romania (the inaugural flight from 16 to 2014)

Bucharest - Tulcea with Fly Romania (the inaugural flight from 16 to 2014) (photoreport)

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On 16 May 2014, Fly Romania wrote a tab in the history of civil aviation in Romania through inauguration of the Bucharest - Tulcea route. After 21 years break, Tulcea Delta International Airport received the first regular commercial passenger flight.

Fly Romania is the only airline operating in the Danube Delta. The flights on the Otopeni - Tulcea route will be operated three times a week, on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.. To these are added two international flights, at prices starting from 29,90 euros: Bergamo - Tulcea, Tuesdays and Fridays, respectively Frankfurt - Tulcea, Sunday.

“Starting today, 16 May, we operate flights to and from the Danube Delta. We found a lot of openness from Tulcea officials and we believe that through the Otopeni - Tulcea flight, we will help bring foreign tourists much closer to the Delta. Moreover, access to both the Delta and the coastline will be much easier for Romanian tourists from the west of the country due to the Timișoara - Otopeni - Tulcea connection, with the possibility of transfer to Constanța. Or, because of the distance up to 16 - 18 hours by train from the west of the country to the Romanian coast, tourists chose destinations from the west, more accessible ”, stresses Cătălin Buțu, the executive director of the company.

At the invitation of Fly Romania, I was pleased to be among the first passengers of this route, participating in the inaugural flight from 16 to 2014. I scored several awards: the first flight on board one McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (YR-OTY); the first flight to Tulcea; first flight with Fly Romania.

I embarked on this journey with some excitement. On 16 May 2014, around 08: 30, I joined the group of journalists and bloggers, together experiencing the first flight to Tulcea. About 09: 00, we headed to the airport.


I reached Otopeni pretty quickly and went straight to the 40-41 check-in counters. I was happy to see "Tulcea" written in the "Henri Coandă" International Airport in Bucharest.


I was even more excited when I held my first plane ticket to Tulcea. Being a grinder, I felt immense joy. Things are starting to move in Tulcea county, and these flights can open new opportunities for those from the north of Dobrogea, for tourism, for the Danube Delta, for the Romanian coast, for the business environment, etc. Hope it's not a passing thing!


At 10: 20 embarked. The MD-83 aircraft was not drawn to the bellows, so I was on a bus to the plane.


And the plane McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (YR-OTY) in the livery Fly Romania.


The aircraft looks good on the outside and inside. It is well maintained, clean, equipped with leather seats. It has 165 seats arranged in an 3-2 configuration (3 seats / row on the left and 2 seats / row on the right).



Flight X5 717 took off around 11: 10, with about 10 minutes late. It was a pleasure to hear the PW JT8D-219 engines running at full throttle. The flight ceiling was 6000-6600 meters.

To my surprise, on a flight of 30 minutes, we were served with water and a ROM Sandwich, but also with chocolate.



On the flight Tulcea - Bucharest, we received the above, but also a good donut with chocolate and a container with 100 ml mineralized water.



We didn't take off well either, because we had to prepare for the landing. I managed to make some frames from the height.




About 11: 40 - 11: 45, I landed on Tulcea Delta International Airport. Here we had another pleasant surprise. The airport is renovated and welcoming. It is not big, but it is well equipped and equipped to fit in the scale of an international airport.



At Tulcea airport, a press conference was also held, at which the following spoke: Horia Teodorescu, the president of Tulcea County Council; Forget Tender, businessman and majority shareholder of Ten Airways; Albu Constantin, general manager of Tulcea Airport.

Return flight X5 718 took off at 19: 00 and not 18: 00 as scheduled, but let's not forget that the aircraft also operated flights from Tulcea - Milan (Malpensa) - Tulcea. During the 15.05-02.06.2014 period, the Tulcea-Bergamo flight will operate on the Tulcea-Milan (Malpensa) route due to the fact that Bergamo airport is closed.

For domestic routes, the rates will be unique, respectively 69,90 euro / flight for Bucharest - Timisoara and 49,90 euro / flight for Bucharest - Tulcea, while on international routes, prices start from 29,90 euro / flight. Included in these rates is a wide range of services, including the carriage of a cabin baggage of maximum 7 kg and of a hold of a maximum of 20 kg, but also catering services on board.

Fly Romania flight schedule:


More pictures of the McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (YR-OTY) aircraft found in the dedicated album on the Airlines Travel page.

I ended this article by telling you that I met optimistic and enthusiastic people at Fly Romania and Tulcea. The cabin crew was very nice and kind. Extremely cute girls. I hope Fly Romania has a long life and operates as many beautiful flights!

Clear sky!

  1. Soul says

    Excellent article. And very useful route. In Tulcea the delta is very difficult to reach. You have to leave in the morning to catch the "express" of 13.30. So with the plane you wake up reasonable, drink soft, take off, get quiet in Tulcea and embark on the water this time. I like pictures and uniforms (as much as you posted) ... and it seems normal to give something sweet at the beginning of the flight. It seems like these habits are pretty much lost. When I was little, I know that stewardess came with the candy tray and I always stuck in it. I admit, in the meantime I became a coffee grower and coffee was a priority on any flight.

    1. par says

      On the line races, no custom was lost. On low cost flights ... it is useless to open the discussion 🙂

  2. Rodica says

    the biggest TEAPA!
    Fly Romania = TEAPA
    They canceled my flight and returned my money. I don't want the money, I want to fly to Tulcea ... or at least to Bucharest

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Yes, it is not a very good solution :( But accept at least the money and return it quickly. Or vb with them to return to Bucharest.

      1. Rodica says

        I spoke to their call center and they rescheduled me for 22 which was still canceled. I don't know what it will be. I haven't received the confirmation email yet. I talked to them 12 hours ago.

        1. ana says

          Rodica, any news from fly Romania? is it still flying? I got the ticket on 8 aug and I'm afraid it won't be canceled. Thanks

  3. Rodica says

    The situation is as follows: I called the phone number on the invoice, I am told that it is a wrong number; I asked for rerouting, I gave them my availability to travel to Romania at the time they fly ... no answer. I don't know if they still have flights or not, after the way they answered me or better said, they didn't answer me.

  4. Rodica says

    I was finally contacted by a travel agent from fly Romania. I gave her my readiness to travel when they have flights. It gave me hope. In the meantime, I will be leaving the country with Alitalia because I bought another ticket. But with the fly Romania could reach my family and so the vacation would not be completely destroyed.

  5. [...] In May 2014, at the invitation of a "ghost" airline operator (but in which I believed), I had the opportunity to fly to Tulcea airport. I discovered a refurbished and ready-to-use passenger terminal, but the infrastructure is still undesirable. It needs a new track and a spacious platform. I am waiting for the day when the modernization works will be completed and the first regular flights will start operating. But let's not get excited until the inauguration. [...]

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