Bulgaria and Croatia entered the green list of England, and the Balearic Islands were relegated to the yellow list.

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Croatia, Bulgaria, Hong Kong and Taiwan have been added to the green list of England following the recent revision of the classification system for international travel. The new update takes effect on July 19.

Four destinations were "promoted" on the green list (Croatia, Bulgaria, Hong Kong and Taiwan), while two countries and territories were relegated to the yellow list, mentioning here the Balearic Islands and the British Virgin Islands. At the same time, four countries and territories were relegated to the red list, including Indonesia and Cuba.

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps announced the updated lists at the last Department of Transportation meeting, which took place on July 14, a day earlier than anticipated.

While Bulgaria and Hong Kong went green, Croatia and Taiwan were placed on the green watch list, which means they risk being downgraded to yellow.

There are now 29 destinations on the green list, and travelers traveling from these areas to England will face the easiest entry restrictions in the UK. They will need a Covid test before departure and one after arrival, without the need to be quarantined if the results are negative.

But we remind you that, also from July 19, those who want travelers from yellow countries and territories they will receive the same treatment as those traveling from the green area. Currently, Romania is on the yellow list!

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