RATB buses at night / Lines 780 and 783 to Bucharest - Henri Coanda Airport, Otopeni

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Because more and more people are asking us about the express lines, which connect the "Henri Coanda" Otopeni International Airport with Bucharest, we decided to write this article with all the necessary information.

Since 2012, RATB has taken measures to supplement the number of buses on the 780 and 783 express lines, the only ones going from / to Otopeni Airport. And also from 2012, line 783 also circulates at night.

780 RATB express line route

Route-line-express-780-station-basarab-Otopeni airport

780 RATB express timetable

783 RATB express line route

Route-Line-Express-783-Market-Union-Otopeni Airport

783 RATB express timetable


A trip costs 3.5 lei, regardless of the hour. At night, an 783 bus runs approximately 40-45 minutes between Unirii Square and Otopeni Airport. But the day does more due to the traffic and the considerable number of stations. You can buy trips from RATB centers, which are found in most stations. At the airport, at the Arrivals station, you also have ticket machines, as well as a ticket office where you can request additional information.

At night, to reach the Unirii Square, call special RATB lines. They travel from / to the 2 Unirii Square, where the 783 express line ends.

If you do not want to go by taxi, 780 and 783 express lines can be a good alternative to get to the airport.

But RATB still has work to do on the 2 express lines. It would be better to reduce the number of stations, at least in the Băneasa-Otopeni area, and to upgrade the buses for these routes. The electronic display and announcements must be in Romanian and English. The stations at the airport, at Unirii Square and at Basarab Train Station should be better signposted, there should be electronic displays with timetable, route and other information. Let the world know that there are stations for express lines 780 and 783, not to look for guesses. RATB does things on its knees and in Romanian style "let it go like this". It should also invest in quality and finishes.

Pleasant trips and clear sky!

  1. mihai says

    Is it possible to get tickets at night?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Yes! You have tons of tickets at the Otopeni stations and at the end of the 783 line from Unirii Square!

  2. cornel says

    I have a RATB card, made of cardboard, blue, which says Multiple, bought a week ago. It was 10 normal trips. I only used one. Is it also good for Express, or should I buy another special one? I don't know, are the cards loaded with lei, or with the number of trips?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Well it depends on the cards. Normally, the blue card can be with 2 normal trips of 1.3 lei. For the express line you need 3.5 lei travel. The blue ones cannot be charged.

      But ask for a green card for recharging and you can charge it with lei. When you validate, the money will be withdrawn for a journey of 1.3 lei if you are in the RATB means of transport in Bucharest or 3.5 lei if you are one of the express lines 780 and 783.

      1. Ovidiu says

        It does not depend on cards but it depends on the traveler if he knows what to ask and to ask there at the counter. Cardboard blue cards can be loaded with a minimum of two 2 express trips and a maximum of 10. Enter the RATB site and get informed from there in the MENU.

  3. cornel says

    Thanks for the prompt reply. When I was in Bucharest I asked for a card with 20 trips and he gave me 2 blue cards with 10 trips each. I consumed one completely, and the other I have 9 more trips. As you say, it's not good for express. So I had to ask for a green card to be valid on both normal and express buses. Are at least those 9 trips valid for trams, or only for buses? (for when I come to Bucharest).

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Go to a RATB counter and ask for travel for express lines… If you have a nominal or non-nominal green card, you can keep it and always charge it with money. Stop spending money on temporary cards.

      The 9 1.3 lei travelers can use all that RATB means: buses, trams and trolleybuses!

  4. Bianca says


    I am also looking for the night program for Line 783, from Piata Unirii to Aeroprt, and I can only find the one with the last departure from Piata Uniriii at 23.30.
    The question is: can I find it somewhere? Or simply after the last announced departure, the one from 23.30 adds 40 minutes and this is the schedule?
    I would be grateful if you could help me with an answer, regardless of whether it's the program or at least I know for sure if it works during the night.

    Thank you very much!

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Well the 783 line program starts at 0: 10 and ends at 23: 30: D. This means that the next one after 23: 30 is at 0: 10. The problem is that the hours are not respected 100%. Due to daily traffic, the hours may change. Tickets are taken from tons of station tickets!

      Analyze the posted times carefully and you will see there everything you need 😀

  5. Avram Mona says

    I consulted the RATB schedule. The plane I arrive with arrives at 12.30 at night, Is there any possibility to transport or only Taxi? Thanks!

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      If you look closely at the schedule of route 783, you will see that there are buses at night…. If you arrive at 00:30, you have a chance to catch the car at 01:10…

  6. Bute Lili says

    7 and 8 year students go free?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Read the RATB regulation. From what I know, No!

  7. par says

    can you buy tickets at night between 00: 00 and 5: in the morning?

    1. par says

      , is there really any express transport at night?

      1. Sorin Rusi says

        Line 783 also runs at night, and tickets can be purchased at a vending machine located at the station at the "ARRIVALS" terminal or at the counter…

  8. Ortudea Jude says

    Why do 783 timetables appear at different times if you open 2 sites?
    different? Ex. for departure from Piata Unirii on one site appears 4.20 time, and on another 4.05 and 4.45. It's confusing because I don't understand what's right.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      We updated the schedules and routes because STB changed them recently… Thank you!

  9. Florin says


    Does bus 783 have the same schedule on New Year's Eve 2019-2020?

    Thank you

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      During the winter holidays, the STB lines will run after a Sunday program.

      1. Andreea says

        Hello and thanks for the information! I can't find anywhere clear information about line 783 on New Year's Eve 2019-20. In principle, I also knew that the holidays are circulated according to the weekend program, but I see that they do not bother to put any press release on their website. Are you absolutely sure he's driving tonight? Is it possible to have a deviation? I'd like to get it from Victoria. Thank you very much and a happy new year!

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