"Bypass the earth in 80 hours of flight" with an IL-18 TAROM aircraft

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Some have bypassed the Earth in 80 days. TAROM succeeded in performing the "Bypass of the Earth in 80 hours flight". It happened 50 years ago.

In 1969, an IL-18 TAROM plane took off to make a detour of the Earth in 80 hours of flight, at a distance of 47.000 km. The route was Baneasa - Karachi - New Delhi - Bangkok - Rangoon - Hong Kong - Tokyo - Nagoya - Tokyo - Wake Island - Honolulu - Los Angeles - Mexico City - Acapulco - New York - Las Palmas - Rome - Istanbul - Baneasa. Departure and arrival were made from the current Bucharest International Airport "Aurel Vlaicu". Moreover, at the time of the evoked flight, the airport and TAROM formed a single institution.

Bypass of the earth in 80 hours of flight

On January 7, 1970, at 13:01 pm, the IL-18 TAROM aircraft was returning to the Baneasa International Airport "Aurel Vlaicu". There were 80 hours of flight, but the whole experience lasted 21 days with stops. There were 65 passengers and several crew members on board.

tarom crew

The anniversary moment was celebrated on January 7, 2020. The event was attended by personalities from the world of civil aviation in Romania, who recalled that historical moment. There was also an overview of the TAROM flight attendants' uniforms, as well as an exhibition dedicated to this memorable flight.

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