Travel cheaply and easily to the United States

Everyone dreams of coming to the United States! Some want an unforgettable holiday, others are looking for a job or choose to complete their studies in the country of all possibilities.

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The United States offers many travel opportunities and is a country not to be missed. How much does a vacation really cost you in the land of all possibilities?

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New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Texas, Miami - no matter what style you are in, the United States has something for everyone.

If you only dream of parties and white nights, then New York could be an ideal destination for you. If you want to stay all day at the beach, then attend the craziest parties, Miami is the right choice.

Holidays in the United States

If you want to attend top events and meet important people, Los Angeles should write on your boarding pass. It is not easy to get from Romania to the USA. You have to make at least one stop, but neither is it impossible and we are not at the end of the world, or rather we are at its center.

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A Bucharest - New York flight starts at about 450 EURO (round trip to Economy Class), includes a stopover in one of the main hubs in Europe.

Unfortunately, there is no direct flight. But you still have low-cost alternatives to destinations in the United States. When looking for the airline deals, you can find great rates for New York, as well as for other destinations mentioned above.

If you plan to fly from Bucharest to Los Angeles, you need to get some more money out of your pocket. The indicative price, for the economy class, starts from about 500 EURO. Of course also with a stopover and a journey that takes you to 14-15 hours.

The effort is great, but it is worth it. You can visit all the famous places in the movies, you can walk on the alleys full of huge villas of Beverly Hills stars or you can see the famous "Hollywood" sign.

If you read this article and have already taken me on a plane ticket to Los Angeles, find out you have a lot to do in the beautiful destination. If you have the patience until March, you can feel your adrenaline rush at the Oscars at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. And, if you're a little lucky, you can see your favorite actors.

Cheap and easy in the United States

If you plan on traveling earlier, find out that the fourth American Poker Awards will take place on 22 in February. Sponsored by PokerStars, the festival will bring under the same roof the hottest professional poker players. If you are passionate, you may be lucky enough to learn a few tricks that are only good to use at a game with friends.

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If you have a light job and can take a month off, take a tour of the United States and you will not regret it. You can call a tour agency in the United States or you can draw your own route.

In the shower, you can buy a plane ticket on the route Bucharest - New York, and from there you can rent a car. You can run to Chicago to see the Cloud Gate or Millennium Park. From here, you can find many domestic flights, and a ticket from Chicago to Los Angeles will cost you a little over $ 100.

From Los Angeles you can continue the journey on the west coast at the wheel of a car. Prices are for all pockets and cars for any kind of driver. America is not just about 5th Avenue or Melrose Place.

Grand Canyon National Park is a wonder of the world, and when you are there, it will simply cut your breath. The Grand Canyon is close to Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The program can be organized as you wish, here of course depends on the tastes of each and the budget. The same thing happens with the accommodation. You can find sophisticated hotels everywhere or you can choose to be more sociable and make new friends along the way.

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