Travelers from Albania and Northern Macedonia can visit most EU countries without restrictions

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Travelers from the Balkan countries, Albania and Northern Macedonia, will have more holiday options this summer, as most European countries have relaxed travel restrictions for the two countries, after estimating that the pandemic situation has improved.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Albania has recorded a total of 132.514 COVID-19 infections and 2.456 deaths, according to figures released by the World Health Organization. The same source indicates that over 155.682 people tested positive for coronavirus in northern Macedonia, and 5.484 people died. However, authorities in both states have recently reported that the number of infections has dropped considerably.

Residents and citizens of Albania and Northern Macedonia can travel to most EU countries without restrictions.

On 9 June, Franta began receiving passengers from 38 countries, including Albania and northern Macedonia. At the time, the French government stressed that unvaccinated travelers would also be allowed to enter the country. However, those who decide to visit France must present a negative result of a PCR or antigen test, which must be performed within 72 hours of their arrival in France.

In addition to France, Finland facilitated the travel process for the citizens of both Balkan countries. Finnish authorities have announced that they have abolished internal border controls for citizens of Albania and northern Macedonia.

Starting June 20, Germany allows Albanians and Macedonians to enter its territory, even if they have not been vaccinated against the disease. Such a decision came after the German federal government claimed that these territories had low infection rates.

Authorities in Albania and northern Macedonia have recently reported that the number of infections has dropped considerably.

Denmark it also reopened the gates of Albania, northern Macedonia, as well as Lebanon and Serbia, after estimating the current situation of COVID-19 in those countries. The decision was confirmed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs after taking into account the figures published by the Statens Serum Institut.

Flights from Albania, Northern Macedonia and Turkey can now be operated without travel restrictions to and from Greece, as the Greek Civil Aviation Authority lifted restrictions on flights from these three countries.

Earlier this month, the Council of the European Union classified Albania and northern Macedonia as safe countries based on their COVID-19 epidemiological situation. In addition, the Council urged the governments of the 27 Member States to allow the entry of citizens of both territories, as well as those from Lebanon, Taiwan and the Chinese administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau, without restrictions.

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