Cheap trips and promotions for airline tickets in January

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2017 is in the beginning, but you don't have to fall asleep. If you plan to travel as much as possible this year, take advantage of the offers of January and February.

Cheap flights up to 45%

Flight tickets in January or February are cheaper by about 40 - 45% than the average price of airline tickets for the rest of the year. At the same time, in January, the airlines launch the most important promotions on air tickets.

December is known as the most expensive and crowded month for air travel. The increase in the number of those who want to go home for the holidays or those looking to spend the holidays away from home, has brought with them the highest prices for air tickets, throughout the year.

However, Romanian tourists who want to travel in the winter season have a chance. January brings the cheapest flights for European or intercontinental travel, throughout the year and at the same time brings the biggest promotions for air tickets.

Thus, if in other months of the year the average price of a flight to Rome is 20 euro round-trip, in January the tourists have the opportunity to purchase a plane ticket with up to 50% discount. The situation is repeated in the case of other destinations for Romanian tourists such as London, Milan, Paris and others. In total, if they choose to travel in January, Romanian tourists can take tickets up to 40% cheaper than the rest of the year.

Aside from the considerably lower prices for travel in January and February, seasoned travelers are also prepared for the biggest reductions in airline tickets that are implemented by airlines in the first part of January.

Earlier this year, AirlinesTravel notified you of Ryanair offers and by Air France-KLM offer (discounts up to 40%). And we will definitely come back with other attractive promotions.

2017 year forecasts

The most requested foreign destinations by Romanian tourists will remain in the 2017 year: London, Rome, Milan and Paris. From domestic destinations, the demand for tickets for Cluj will increase considerably, especially due to the low cost companies that will operate more flights at Avram Iancu airport.

In the case of city breaks, Rome ranks in the top of the preferences of customers and in 2017. Barcelona and Paris are the next two variants in order of popularity. In the top of the city-break destinations are Dubai and Lisbon. A mini-stay in Rome consisting of a plane and 2 or 3 nights accommodation starts from 109 EUR, to Venice from 119 EUR, respectively from 129 EUR for Milan.

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