Călin Rovinescu retired from the management of Air Canada

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After 12 years at the helm of the Air Canada group, on February 15, Mr. Călin Rovinescu retired from the position of President and CEO of Air Canada. The announcement was made last fall.

The Deputy General Manager and Chief Financial Officer, Michael Rousseau, will succeed him. Air Canada presented the figures for the entire fiscal year 2020 on February 12, these being the last ones presented by CEO Călin Rovinescu.

"I have enjoyed a unique and very special relationship with Air Canada for over three decades. More than anything else in my career, I am very proud of the transformation of the company in the last 12 years in which I have made Air Canada one of the largest airlines in the world and a global champion for Canada.", Said Călin Rovinescu through a press release.

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"While Covid-19 has decimated the global airline industry, fortunately we have entered the pandemic much better than any other airline in the world due to our strong balance sheet, history and workforce. Our Covid-19 mitigation and recovery plan is almost complete"Said Mr. Calin Rovinescu in October 2020.

In his 12-year history as head of Air Canada, Calin Rovinescu was named Canada's Best CEO in 2016. Prior to being CEO of Air Canada, Mr. Calin Rovinescu was Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy and Restructuring Director at Air Canada.

In gratitude, Air Canada wrote "Calin Rovinescu - President and CEO of Air Canada" on the Airbus A220-300 aircraft, indicative of C-GROV.

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