IATA calls on governments to financially support the revitalization of global aviation

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IATA (International Air Transport Association) has sounded the alarm regarding the reopening of borders. At the same time, governments need to provide additional financial support for aviation, as air transport is in decline due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The restrictions imposed, in particular quarantine measures, prevented the free movement of persons. As a result, the number of passengers decreased in 2020 by at least 70% compared to 2019 for trips to / from / to Europe.

The estimated number of passengers in 2020 will be 340 million, well below the figures recorded in 2019 when 1,2 billion passengers chose to travel by air in Europe. This collapse had a devastating global impact on aviation and millions of workers from industry.

Studies conducted by IATA estimate that approximately 4,8 million jobs directly related to air transport are at risk. Another 46 million jobs in ancillary sectors could also be affected.

Additional financial support is needed to help the aviation industry

Governments need to work together to coordinate a plan to revitalize the economy and support HoReCa structures. In the meantime, it is necessary additional financial support to help the industry get through the winter.

It is essential that governments in Europe and around the world adopt a common and coordinated position to reopen borders safely, without imposing quarantine, but using COVID-19 testing. 

The aviation industry has recommended testing all passengers before the trip to give governments confidence in reopening borders. But the recommendation of the Council of the European Union fails to establish clear conditions for testing and to quarantine it.

IATA conducted a survey, and the results were as follows:

  • 83% of passengers will not fly if they have to be quarantined at their destination;
  • 88% of respondents say they are willing to be tested for SARS-VOC-2, thus encouraging travel;
  • 65% state that no quarantine is required if a person tests negative for COVID-19;
  • about 39% believe that the government should pay for the tests
  • 25% consider that the tests are the responsibility of the passengers.

We remind you that some airlines have already gone bankrupt due to financial complications during the pandemic.

For those who don't know, IATA - International Air Transport Association - is an international commercial organization of airlines. Represents the interests of over 290 airlines in 120 countries. They provide over 80% of all flights operated globally.

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