Canceled British Airways flights affect over 100 passengers!

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British Airways has announced that it will cancel 650 flights from the two airports in London in July 2022. Thus, the cancellation of flights affects more than 100 passengers, who had to fly from / to London Heathrow (000) and London Gatwick airports. (76000).

British Airways has announced that it has to cancel up to 10% of all scheduled flights between April and October. Occasionally, the percentage increased to 11% -12%.

A British Airways spokesman said: "We took precautionary measures earlier this year to reduce our summer schedule to give customers as much notice as possible of any changes to their travel plans. As the entire aviation industry continues to face the most difficult period in its history, it has unfortunately become necessary to make further cuts. We are in touch with the affected passengers to offer them alternatives or to issue a full refund. "

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