An engine hood broke during takeoff from the Denver airport!

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The other day, a new aviation incident happened in the USA. An engine hood of a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-800 broke off in the middle of takeoff from the Denver airport.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon, at the airport in Denver (Colorado), during a Southwest Airlines flight to Houston (Texas). There were 135 passengers on board.

Because they were unable to brake during the incident, the pilots made the decision to lift off the ground and request permission for an emergency landing. The aircraft climbed to 3.000 meters and then returned to the airport, landing safely.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has launched a new investigation. According to Reuters, the aircraft entered service in 2015, but the airline did not say when it last performed an engine overhaul.

Unfortunately, a new incident involving a Boeing aircraft. We remind you that in recent months, more and more accidents, which have occurred in the US and around the world, have involved aircraft manufactured by Boeing. We remind you here of the incident on January 5, when the door of an Alaska Airlines Boeing aircraft broke a few minutes after takeoff.

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