Total quarantine in France: people will not be able to leave their homes without a good reason.

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The President of France, Emmanuel Macron announced that a general quarantine will be established in France. The new measures will take effect on Friday, October 30, 2020. People must stay in their homes. They will be able to go out to shop for essential goods, seek medical attention or exercise outdoors for up to an hour.

People will still be allowed to go to work if the employer finds it impossible for them to do their homework, Macron said. Non-essential businesses will be closed, but schools will remain open for four weeks.

Clearly, tourist trips will no longer be allowed, but flights have not yet been suspended. Bars, restaurants and non-essential shops will be closed in France from Friday, Macron said.

Total quarantine in France

🔴From Friday, the measure of general isolation (traffic ban, confinement) of the population is reintroduced throughout France.
🔴 The measure does NOT affect the entry of Romanian citizens in France (if they come from the European Area).
🔴 The measure is valid at least until 1 DECEMBER 2020.
🔴 Exceptions are going to work, purchasing basic necessities (food, medicine), home deliveries, medical consultations, childcare.
🔴 Nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools remain open.
Doar Only trips of max. 1h within a radius of 1 km around the home.
🔴 A supporting document will be required for travel. There will be three standard documents - individual, professional and school.
🔴 Bars, restaurants, non-essential shops are closing.
🔴 Travel from one region to another will not be allowed. Exceptions are returns from Toussaint holidays.
🔴 Widespread telework, wherever possible.
🔴 Continues the activity in public services, factories, farms and BTP (constructions) in compliance with the sanitary protocol.

In the last few weeks, France has reported tens of thousands of new cases of COVID-19 every day, reaching 380 new cases each week per 100.000 people. France reported 523 deaths in a single day on Tuesday, the highest daily toll in April.

In his speech, Macron said that restrictive measures will be gradually eased as soon as the number of new cases falls below 5000 every day.

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