What is the best experience with the plane? - the winners

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Here comes the long-awaited moment, the nomination of the winners of the contest "What is the hottest experience of flying?„. There were 15 validated stories, most of them very beautiful and it was difficult for us to judge, but we had to choose only 3 of them, which will be in possession of the prizes offered by the partners. Carpatair and Laptop News.

1 place: 2 return / return flights to any Carpatair destination - travel period 1 September 2012 - 1 December 2012 (last return) are won by Monica, and the story is at the following web address - http://seracuidei.wordpress.com/2012/06/24/calatorie-cu-avionul-inapoi-in-timp/ - 42 points.

2 place: A Carpatair aircraft model (Fokker 100 on the 1 scale: 100) + a handy travel bag from LaptopNews.ro go to Liliana Oprisan, and the story is at the following web address - http://www.placerea-de-a-calatori.ro/2012/07/zbor-cu-peripetii.html – 41 puncte.

3 place: A Laptop Backpack by LaptopNews.ro + Aero-Mouse Carpatair, Teddy Bear Carpatino and Musical Plane Keychain are won by Hip Duma with the story http://www.ancaduma.ro/2012/07/15/o-amintire-si-un-avion/ – 40 puncte.

As you can see, the score was tight. The jury consisted of Alina Blaga (Marketing Specialist Carpatair), Narcisa (travelgirls.ro) and Sorin Rusi (Undersigned) (airlinestravel.ro).

Thank you all for participating, for the beautiful stories and for participating in this contest. We are preparing other competitions, and I hope you will be with Airlines Travel and in the future!

  1. Monica says

    Thank you very much and congratulations to the other winners and participants. I do not understand it, but I will do a written greeting 🙂

  2. Sorin says

    Yes, now I see that we have a podium made up of 3 winners :). Congratulations, girls! Sign that the gentlemen do not travel or do not want to tell their experiences with fire :).

  3. Liliana Oprisan says

    Congratulations, Monica! Tell everyone how it was in flight with CarpatAir :).

    Yuhuuuuu! I have a personal plane !!! Thanks.

  4. Narcisa says

    congratulations, dear ones!

    glad to see girls winning walks! 😀

  5. Iulian Sirbu says

    Congratulations to the winners! 🙂

    Gentlemen wanted to be gentlemen and did not participate to win the girls! And anyway, they travel more overland! 😉

    1. Monica says

      Iulian, what is true… your experience on Aconcagua is maximum! I still have on my desktop photo with the page PaginaMedicala.ro top up, close to the clouds 🙂

  6. Travel XXL says

    Congratulations to the winning 3! 🙂

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