What is the best experience of flying? (Competition)

What is the hottest experience of flying? (Competition)

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In a short time we have been doing 3 months since the inauguration of this project on the big www and we thought to send you for a walk. Airlines Travel and Carpatair invite you to a super competition with many prizes. The big prize consists of 2 tickets on any route operated by Carpatair, between 1 September 2012 - 1 December 2012 (last return).

The best experience of flying

We decided to do this contest for bloggers (you will find yourself among them if you have a blog older than 3 months and you post at least 1 weekly post), because we want beautiful stories about your experience with the plane.

But let's not go further and tell you the rules. We want you to write on your blog the most lived experience on the plane, in an airport, etc. We want to hear interesting and beautiful stories, tell us how you felt on the plane, what feeling you left on the flight, can be told the experience of the first flight, but without mentioning the names of the airlines (we disqualify non-compliance with this requirement).

The item must be at a minimum 500 characters, to have something to read, and you must mention, within the article, that you participate in the contest organized by Airlines Travel (with a link to the track contest article page and leave a comment to be sure we see your post) and Carpatair (with link to the air operator page - www.carpatair.com).

The most beautiful stories will be awarded as follows:

1 Award: 2 round trip tickets to any Carpatair destination - travel period 1 September 2012 - 1 December 2012 (last return);
2 Award: A model of Carpatair plane (Fokker 100 on the 1 scale: 100) + a handy travel bag LaptopNews.ro;
3 Award: A laptop backpack LaptopNews.ro + Aero-Mouse Carpatair, teddy bear Carpatino and musical airplane keychain.

The winners will be nominated by jury. We think it is Fair Play to offer these prizes to the most beautiful stories, and this will be decided by Alina Blaga (Marketing Specialist Carpatair), Narcisa Suruianu (travelgirls.ro) and Sorin Rusi (Undersigned) (airlinestravel.ro).

The contest will be held during the period 15 June 2012 - 15 July 2012 (23.59 time). The winners will be announced on July 22 (date may vary depending on the number of entries in the contest). So you have time to write down the best experience you have on the plane. Success!

If you want to keep up to date with information on airplanes, airlines, airports, promotions and contests, you can like (http://www.facebook.com/AirlinesTravel and http://www.facebook.com/Carpatair), follow (https://twitter.com//airlinestravel) or subscribe to RSS Airlines Travel:

** The organizers, the jury representatives and their 1st degree relatives do not participate in the contest!

  1. Aniela Deby says

    I have to sign up! I'll be back with an article over 3-4 days!

    1. sorin says

      Success and we can hardly wait for the story! :)

  2. Sorin says

    Aniela, we look forward to reading the story :)! Success writing! :)

    1. Rauta Angela says

      I flew by plane to Jerusalem. I was thrilled when I boarded the plane. I was scared to take off and then I saw that from the glass of water in front of me did not drop a drop!

  3. Oana says

    What a nice contest, you made me remember all my adventures by plane and all the happenings at airports. I have to look through the drawers for the phone number of a colleague I met on the return flight to Romania, who told me about his life abroad and how he picked up an Armani suit that he showed me when I showed up landed.

    And because I am a very nice lady (but you already know that), she offered to sing me for free at the wedding - all with his band from Urziceni.

    Ps: if you do special section for comments on the article, I tell you how fascinating it was to fly 3 hours with the flute 😀

  4. Sorin says

    Oana, well please tell me :) .. Or find a blog to tell and participate in the contest 😀

  5. Basil duck says

    ugly on your part, for example I never flew the plane 🙁 how to tell how it was ...? I would love to have a plane experience

  6. Sorin says

    Duck, this is a first contest I dedicated to bloggerilo and those who had flight experiences. In the future we will do it for those who have not flown, for those who have not blogged and so on! You subscribe to this site and you will be among the first when the next contest will be!

  7. Basil duck says

    :)) maybe you send me the plane somewhere :)) and I write after :-p

  8. Travel XXL says

    I do not respect the rule with one article per week (more precisely ... I largely respect it but for reasons independent of myself I had to delete almost a month ago and I have not written anything since then 🙁) but I will try my luck 😀

    It's harder to decide which one to tell ... I'm just getting ready for the 29 anniversary of the first flight and I have a crowd full of pagans 😀

    If I can't decide ... am I disqualified if I write about more? 😀

  9. Sorin says

    At the contest it is good to participate with the most sensational: D! For the rest we can read of pleasure :).

  10. Valentin Vesa says

    I'm in:

    1. Alina Blaga says

      Beautiful article, and definitely the feeling conveyed was more intense on the spot. The picture surprised some of the emotions. Congratulations on the article.

      1. Valentin Vesa says

        Thank you Alina!

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  17. Travel XXL says

    Alright, I put it on. I'll read it tomorrow and change it if necessary, 4 grabbed me in the morning and may have taken her through the baths 😀

    1. Alina Blaga says

      Nice article. You worked for him. Why didn't it motivate you enough to pursue a career in aviation?

      1. Travel XXL says

        Thank you for your appreciation 🙂

        I really wanted to become a pilot at that time, I also had "piles" at the school in Bobocu ... except that at the time of the shooting ... I was not allowed (a long and tangled story).
        I even had to go to any college so I wouldn't get to do the army at the canal. After the overthrow of December '89 was already too late, I could no longer pass the medical test 🙁

        But I pulled my belt, only in the last 7 years I flew over 100.000 km 🙂

        1. Alina Blaga says

          Yes, that is why you did not pursue such a career. In one form or another, you still have the pleasure of flying. Cute.

  18. Mathe Karoly says

    Unfortunately I did not have, nor did I have the opportunity to get on the plane and go somewhere. I would always like to go somewhere by plane ...

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  20. George Hari Popescu says

    Here is my story:

    1. Alina Blaga says

      I'm sure you had a great time at the bussines class. With such treatment, you still travel to business class. Beautiful your first experience. I'm curious about the one in the US.

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  23. Mathe Karoly says

    On my part, I can only write very well, of course, which is related to this case.

    1. Sorin says

      Well, we expect to read the best experience:) ... A story, a memory, a thought! :)

  24. Cristina says

    When you take pictures at the airport in London…http://www.prinarad.info/poze-pe-london-luton

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  27. stan says

    Hi, I never traveled by plane! Only my parents in Russia. And they were fffffffff excited. I hope to be with my family sometime. Maybe right now I'll win the 1 tickets

  28. Mathe Karoly says

    They are without memories by plane. I have no possibility financially, I want to get on a plane but I have no possibility, and that hurts

  29. Probiu says

    Is March missing from the job?

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  31. Elena says

    I have very beautiful experiences with CARPATAIR I have traveled a lot with this company and SINCER are JOS PALARIA.prmtitud kindness and servility of 10

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  33. Valentina says

    I also told here:

  34. Liliana Oprișan says

    I wrote here:

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  36. Bia says

    Come on I told you something funny that I hope you like 😉 Thank you Lili, for telling me about the contest: *


    1. Liliana Oprisan says

      Grow big, Bia! Good luck :).

      1. Bia says

        Thanks Lili too ... doesn't the friendship between the competitors reward? :))

        1. Liliana Oprisan says

          D. Propose!

  37. Hip Duma says

    With emotion I wrote my first memory of the plane. 🙂

  38. Russian Alexandra says


    I also have a funny little story with the plane and the airports. I was 18 years old and going to Canada with my sister 12 years old. The stopover took place in Munich and we had to wait 7 hours. We kept walking through the shops and at one point we said we were going to eat something. She sat down at the table and I went to buy lunch. Not paying attention she did not notice that I paid when I took the food. After I finished lunch I suggested I leave. She asked me if I didn't pay, and in a moment of boredom I told her we didn't pay and we ran. She didn't want to, but when she saw that I was leaving, what to do, she came after me. After 1 I walked past the airport police and I started running by telling them they were coming after us. Poor of her, she ran after me with luggage, scared. In the end I told him I was joking, he was a little upset but then I laughed together about that random thing. It is time to take off, we boarded the plane and after taking off guess what? A storm started as I had not until then. Lightning flashed on the window, the plane flew up and down, I was dying of fear but I had to be loud for my sister. It didn't take long because I came out of the clouds and everything was back to normal.

    However it was an experience we will not forget and even now after 6 years, whenever we remember we laugh with tears.

    This is my little fairy tale 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it!

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