fbpx Carpatair has announced the operational summer program for 2014

Carpatair has announced the summer operating program for 2014

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The bad luck is kept from Carpatair. Following the scandals in Timisoara, as well as the incidents involving Carpatair aircraft, the company's image suffered. He is still looking for his place in the market, being a full service company. As of August 2013, Carpatair still operates only 4 aircraft: 3 Fokker 100 and a Boeing 737.

Earlier this month, the Romanian regional company announced the summer program on 2014. I think it is the poorest program that Carpatair presented during the 15 years of activity.

The program presented on the Carpatair site will take effect on 29 in March and will be valid, we hope, until 25 in October. It includes 4 routes departing from Chisinau (London, Venice, Milan and Rome), 2 routes from Timisoara (Stuttgart and Rome) and 2 routes departing from Bacău (Rome and Milan).

Until March, Carpatair decided to suspend operations at several airports in Romania, but also in Chernivtsi. Between January 24 and March 28, Carpatair will no longer operate flights to and from the airports of Timisoara, Bacau and Craiova.

Let us hope that he will find his long sought after place and return to the market.

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